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Books NOT Bullies

Initiated in 2012, with the final addition of titles in 2021, PCCS has contributed two hundred, twenty- six titles and two thousand, twenty-eight books to fourteen schools and libraries in Drayton Valley and area. 
A catalogue has been developed that includes the book cover photo, title, author, illustrator (if applicable), publisher, year donated, ISBN, number of pages, reader age range, if Canadian, and a short review of the book contents.
The catalogue has highlighted books intended as resources with the addition of an identifier statement: “For parents, teachers, anyone working with youth.”

You can find catalogue at the libraries locally and in surrounding areas where books were donated.


Loves me/Loves not Bookmark

These are the qualities of a healthy relationship.

Everyone deserves to be loved.

Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative


What is PCCS? & How can I help?

Who is PCCS including history, goals and ways you can make a difference, by being a part of our board or committees.


Elder Abuse

PCCS provides unmarked information packages for seniors who may find themselves in unsafe relationships. They are available from the PCCS office and at many caring services throughout the community.

*The Little Black Book of Scams*

from the

Competition Bureau Canada



About Suicide 

Provides basic information such as:
       “Things to Watch for” 
       “Reduce the Risk” 
        “What To Do If You Should Suspect a Problem” 
       ” People That Can Help”.


If You Need Help

Three ring binder divider
Suitable for Jr. – Sr. High School Students, adults providing supports to students.  

Provides a broad range of emergency numbers and key information about suicide.


Family Violence 

Includes several emergency helplines,
-    “What to do to help,” 
-    “What not to do,"
-     “How to help someone who is behaving abusively” and
-     “shelters”.


Sexual Assault Information 

Poster display
       “What is Consent?”
       “Sexual Assault
       “Supporting a Friend”
       “If you have been sexually assaulted -consider the options”


Sexual Assault Resources

Provides information on resources locally, in Edmonton and Red Deer


Safety Planning

Provides simple, clear suggestions on how to keep the individual and/or children safe in a volatile situation. PCCS provides one on one help safety planning.

Carry unmarked information packages for women who may find themselves in unsafe relationships. Packages are available from the PCCS office and at many caring services throughout the community.




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